Nature-related futures – the TNFD’s approach to scenarios for corporates

This webinar discusses the TNFD’s approach to nature-related scenarios and the results of a scenarios-based pilot test.

This webinar discusses the TNFD’s draft approach to scenarios, and hears from Carrie Houtman, the Taskforce Member from Dow, on the results of Dow’s pilot test of the approach to scenarios. The webinar includes the lessons learnt by her company and provides advice for those interested in using scenarios to explore future nature-related risks.  

Key focus areas of this webinar

  • Nature-related scenarios 
  • Pilot testing 

Hosted by

Reckitt David Croft

David Croft
Group Head of Sustainability, Reckitt


Steve Weber

Steven Weber
Partner, Breakwater Strategy

Dow Carrie Houtman

Carrie Houtman
Global Sustainability Director for Climate, Dow INC