The Landbanking Group

Nature is our most precious asset. Recognising its value, beyond what can be extracted
from it, or built on it, is the key to preserving – and improving – our way of life, across
economies, industries and continents.

The Landbanking Group exists to to stop and reverse nature loss to drive global
prosperity for the long-term. It is the driving force behind Nature Equity, a new type of
asset that combines the principles of natural capital accounting with market
economics to reward land stewards and investors for nature positive outcomes.

In the short term, investing in Nature Equity assets is key to meeting growing sustainability legislation. But its benefits are compounded beyond our comprehension in the long term, helping to protect humanity against the genuine risks associated with
the loss of nature, and securing our prosperity for the long term.

Building on the principles of natural capital accounting, Nature Equity starts with
better understanding our land.

MRV models, fed by geospatial and ground data, measure the biophysical aspects of a
piece of land across soil, air, water and all living things.

When enhancements are made to the biophysical aspects of this land, they become
Nature Equity Assets. This asset can then be bought and sold on The Landbakingʼs
Groupʼs first release—Landler, the worldʼs Nature Equity market.

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