Horizon – Nature Analytics Platform & API


About Marvin
Marvin is a technology company working with leading multinational organizations across the Finance, Forestry, F&B, and CPG sectors. The company developed proprietary science-backed technologies to help organizations to measure and optimize their interaction with the natural environment and natural resources across geographies and ecosystems.

About Horizon
Horizon enables organizations to live track their interaction with the natural environment according to customized KPIs aligned with the TNFD framework and their business outcomes.
The system observes, collects, and models every business activity in near-real time using advanced remote sensing, peer-reviewed data sources, and the organization’s data across the supply chain while ensuring top-tier security and accuracy.

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About how Marvin supported organizations to accelerate their path to Net-Zero while reducing areas under critical water and biodiversity risk by more than 30%. Explore Industry specific case studies on Marvin’s website: www.marvinblue.earth