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About Marvin
Marvin is a science-driven technology company enabling the industry’s most robust and accurate nature intelligence tool set. Marvin’s “Horizon” platform currently provides disclosure and compliance automation, operational productivity optimization, and financial analysis for companies across the Pulp and Paper, Timber, Agriculture, F&B, and CPG sectors. Business leaders choose Marvin to lead world-class sustainability programs efficiently, accurately, and profitably.

About Horizon
Horizon allows organizations to continuously monitor the relationship between operations and the natural environment, mitigating environmental risks while increasing climatic resilience. Marvin enables organizations to live track their interaction with the natural environment according to customized KPIs aligned with the TNFD framework and their business outcomes.
The system observes, collects, and models every business activity in near-real time. Built using the latest advancements in climate science, AI technology, and space-borne sensors, Marvin’s state-of-the-art climate models continuously collect data, with infinite scalability across the globe. Marvin’s models are based and continuously trained on a proprietary data set going back 20 years, providing ground-truthing for continuously improving climate models.

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About how Marvin has supported a myriad of organizations’ transitions to sustainable business and Net-Zero emissions while reducing areas under critical water and biodiversity risk; explore industry specific case studies on Marvin’s website: www.marvinblue.earth

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