Gentian: AI-Driven Precision Biodiversity Monitoring


Gentian combines high resolution multispectral remote sensing imagery and machine learning to map, monitor, and report on a site or portfolio of sites, including supply chains.

Deep learning techniques are used to provide highly accurate assessments of an area by classifying vegetation to produce metrics on nature in line with TNFD disclosures.

As part of the tool we provide the following:

  • Remote ecological survey using globally and regionally recognised habitat classification schemes (IUCN, EUNIS, UKHab)
  • Inventory of protected areas and species in/near sites (IUCN, NATURA2000 and others)
  • Regular monitoring (e.g. yearly) of sites using detailed (12-50 cm) remote sensing imagery and automated AI processes
  • Speedy reports with custom content and layout to assist analytical and reporting needs together with GIS files to integrate into existing systems
  • Data delivered through an API or through our online platform
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Case study: Case study demonstrating how corporates can obtain quick and accurate biodiversity assessments for land and freshwater

This case study has been prepared by the tool provider as an illustrative example of the tools application to the TNFD recommendations and guidance. The TNFD had not endorsed this case study.


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