Galago by Ramboll

Galago, a division of Ramboll, is at the forefront of providing advanced geospatial intelligence for sustainable land management and biodiversity restoration. Our service specializes in site-specific data capture and comprehensive environmental assessments, including those along linear infrastructures. With a focus on integrating multiple data sources, Galago offers robust, AI-powered habitat classification and risk analysis capabilities. Our technology excels in creating dynamic dashboards and visualizers to store and present custom data, facilitating easy interpretation and decision-making. We also provide access to expert consultants in relevant domains, including business and ecology, ensuring our clients receive tailored, insightful guidance. Galago’s solutions are designed to assist organizations in monitoring and achieving biodiversity net gains, ecosystem integrity, and effectively managing environmental risks associated with erosion, invasive species, and human impact. As a leader in AI-driven environmental analysis, Galago is a key resource for entities aiming to meet the standards of TNFD’s nature-related financial disclosures.

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