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Accounting for Nature® is a global environmental accounting Framework for measuring, monitoring, certifying and reporting the condition of environmental assets over time. The framework relies on summarising complex scientific information into a single metric – the Econd® to describe the condition of each asset as a score from 0-100 (100 being the reference condition).

Accounting for Nature Ltd works with farmers, indigenous land managers, private conservation organisations, businesses, impact investors, governments and regional natural resource management organisations to implement the Accounting for Nature® Framework – a world-leading, scientifically rigorous methodology for measuring environmental condition.

Measures of environmental condition can be used to understand whether actions are improving or degrading the state of nature. They are critical for guiding investment in sustainable land and sea management.

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Case study: Kilter Rural ESG report

This case study has been prepared by the tool provider as an illustrative example of the tools application to the TNFD recommendations and guidance. The TNFD had not endorsed this case study.


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