Earth Blox

Earth Blox

Accelerate your sustainability transition with climate and nature analytics.

Accessing third-party data on your or your client’s supply chain to manage the sustainability transition is challenging. Increasing compliance requirements such as the EU’s Deforestation-Free Products Regulation and TNFD add further complexity. Satellite imagery is the only way to monitor at-scale, large, geographically distributed or difficult-to-access assets.

Earth Blox gives you satellite imagery insights at scale to measure and report impacts on nature and climate risks across supply chains.

Map, customise and analyse critical metrics for biodiversity, water and carbon across forestry, agriculture, financed and insured assets worldwide.

  • LEGO-like modular blocks allow you to build customisable and repeatable analyses in minutes.
  • Access hundreds of global datasets from Earth Engine, Planet and other commercial providers in a single, low-code platform.
  • Ownership and control of data inputs and methodologies give you full transparency in reporting to customers and stakeholders.
  • The cloud-native, reactive and serverless architecture enables fast processing of petabytes of data for rapid analyses.

How Earth Blox Works

  1. Choose your Data
    Bring your own data or areas of interest into Earth Blox for fast querying. Access petabytes of data from Earth Engine, Planet and commercial providers as required. Our team will help you find the right dataset for your requirements.
  2. Build your Workflow
    Simply drag and drop blocks, set your parameters and outputs, and hit run. Access our prebuilt workflows library for the most common analyses, or work with our Earth Observation specialists to develop custom workflows.
  3. Get your insights
    View your results on the Earth Blox dashboard. Export graphs, tables and charts for reports or raw data in GeoTIFF format for further analysis in a few clicks. Integrate directly into your business processes with the API and automated alerts.

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