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Clarity AI is a leading sustainability technology platform that leverages machine learning and big data to provide environmental and social insights to investors, organizations, and consumers. Our nature and biodiversity solutions enable financial institutions to evaluate dependencies and impacts on nature, as well as to assess risks and opportunities for companies or portfolios, aligning with the recommended LEAP approach.

In partnership with GIST Impact, a foremost provider of biodiversity impact measurement, we have developed a robust footprinting solution. This solution not only quantifies a company’s total impact but also enhances transparency for our users by breaking down the six underlying environmental drivers, such as land use change and waste generation, that contribute to this impact.

Our collaboration with Climate Trace, a pioneering coalition in satellite imagery and remote sensing, has resulted in one of the most accurate dependency and risk solutions available. Our unique approach combines pinpointing physical asset production level data with ENCORE materiality matrices.

Additionally, we offer datasets aligned with the EU Taxonomy’s objective on the ’protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems’, enabling users to explore opportunities at both company and portfolio levels.

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