The TNFD Principles

1. Market Usability

Develop frameworks directly usable and valuable to market reporters and users, notably corporations and financial institutions, as well as policy and other actors.

2. Science-based

Follow a scientifically anchored approach, incorporate well established and emerging scientific evidence and converge towards other existing science-based initiatives.

3. Nature-related Risks

Embrace nature-related risks that include immediate, material financial risks as well as nature dependencies and impacts and related organisational and societal risks.

4. Purpose-driven

Be purpose driven and actively target reducing risks and increasing nature-positive action by using the minimum required level of granularity to ensure achievement of the TNFD goal.

5. Integrated & Adaptive

Build effective measurement and reporting frameworks that can be integrated into and enhance existing disclosures and other standards. Account for and be adaptive to changes in national and international policy commitments, standards and market conditions.

6. Climate-Nature Nexus

Employ an integrated approach to climate- and nature-related risks, scaling up finance for nature-based solutions.

7. Globally Inclusive

Ensure the framework and approach is relevant, just, valuable, accessible and affordable worldwide, including emerging and developed markets.