TNFD Taskforce Membership | Expression of Interest

The TNFD has opened a call for applications from individuals who are market leaders in specific sectors to join the group of Taskforce Members from top corporate or financial institutions. There are up to six seats available. The key rationale and goal for this expansion is to broaden and deepen the Taskforce’s coverage of critical sectors with high-levels of nature-related impacts, dependencies, risks and opportunities. 

Applications are now closed. Decisions are expected in November 2022.

Please review the criteria below and the Terms of Reference before submitting your application.


  1. Individual applicants must be from a private-sector company or financial institution
  2. The private sector company or financial institution must be a member of the TNFD Forum as of 30 September 2022
    • If your company is not a member of the TNFD Forum, and would like to be considered, please apply here.
  3. Only applicants from corporates or financial institutions operating in one of the following sectors will be considered:
    • Consumer Goods, including fashion and retail
    • Chemicals
    • Infrastructure or Transport
    • Real Estate
    • Renewable energy
    • Financial services with leading global expertise in sovereign debt markets
  4. Applications should be from a senior executive with a track-record of industry knowledge and experience in strategy, risk management, business operations and/or sustainability.

Commitment to global coverage and diversity

The TNFD is committed to ensuring that the Taskforce is comprised of individuals from diverse professional and personal backgrounds and from organisations headquartered in, and operating across, all geographic regions of the world. While the primary focus of this expansion in the size of the Taskforce is on knowledge and experience in the sectors identified above, consideration will also be given to geographic representation and the diversity of experience and perspectives the nominated individual can contribute to the Taskforce. 

Expectations of Taskforce Members 

The TNFD asks Taskforce Members to dedicate two days per month to the TNFD development process, and that members are aligned with the TNFD’s principles and mission to deliver a global framework for reporting and acting on nature-related dependencies, impacts, risks and opportunities.

Please see the Terms of Reference for additional information on what we expect of Taskforce Members and their institutions.