March-April newsletter: review the TNFD framework prototype

News 4 May 2022

Taskforce progress

Market participants invited to continue to review the TNFD framework prototype

The first beta version of the TNFD framework for nature-related risk management and disclosures was released last month, kicking of an 18-month process of consultation and development. Market participants and other stakeholders have begun reviewing and providing feedback, already professionals from over 65 countries and territories have begun exploring the framework via TNFD’s interactive online platform

The Taskforce encourages stakeholders globally to continue to review and comment on the initial draft framework, as well as the data discussion paper published alongside it, as the Taskforce prepares to release a second iteration of the framework by the end of June. If you would like to inform the Taskforce’s deliberations ahead of the next iteration, please submit your feedback by 25 May. 

You can also view the first beta version framework in report form. A detailed Executive Summary is available in English, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish.

Pilot testing of the first beta kicks off in June 

Corporates and financial institutions keen to explore how the TNFD framework might apply in their specific organisational context can pilot test the framework independently and, in some cases, through industry collaborative efforts. 

We have received many questions on how companies and financial institutions can get involved in this piloting, which starts in June 2022. We will publish a detailed guidance document shortly, but in the meantime you can find more information about piloting of the first prototype here on the online platform.

New Working Groups get started on next framework iteration

Ahead of the second beta release in June, the Taskforce will focus on tackling priority areas for further framework development. Developing the overall approach to metrics as well as sector guidance and updating the prototype LEAP approach for financial institution are priorities for the next release. 

Taskforce Members are now progressing work across four Working Groups, addressing both new and continued topics: 

  • Data & Analytics Availability (continued) 
  • Metrics & Targets (continued) 
  • Sector-specific Guidance (new) 
    • Sub-group: Sector-specific Guidance for Financial Institutions (new)

TNFD Forum expands to more than 400 institutions 

The global consultative group of TNFD supporters includes a broad range of institutional types, from companies to regulators, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds, to academic and research organisations, conservation and civil society organisations and more. You can see the full list of TNFD Forum institutions here. Institutions interested in joining can express their interest via the website.

Meet the TNFD Alliance

TNFD spoke to Carolin Leeshaa, TNFD Taskforce Member and the Natural Capital & Biodiversity Global Lead at KPMG International.

Why did you join the Taskforce? 

It’s high time to give nature a seat at the boardroom. Both as a sustainable finance professional, and on a personal level as a mother, I am deeply invested in the TNFD’s vision, mission and success and have been on the TNFD journey from the very beginning.  

Working with the Co-Chairs and Taskforce Member colleagues on the creation of the framework is central to catalyse the necessary systems change in this Decade of Action, and part of a legacy I want to help build.

How are you specifically contributing to the development of the Framework?

KPMG professionals are committed to helping accelerate the transformation of capital markets to a sustainable future. As the organization’s Natural Capital & Biodiversity Global Lead, I can draw upon the KPMG network to contribute guidance on feedback received from market participants, including cross-sector insights from market consultations and pilot testing. Personally, I bring a unique balance of pragmatic insights that blend twenty years’ experience in global capital markets, sustainable finance, ESG transformation advisory and systems thinking to help ensure the framework is fit-for-purpose and ready for broad market adoption.

What is the one thing you want other professionals across finance, business and service providers to know about TNFD/nature-related risks? 

Get involved and get ready – given the complexity of the task, early action is recommended. Even before the final release of the TNFD framework in September 2023, there are steps organisations can take now to give them a head start in managing nature-related risks.  

Explore more in our latest KPMG summary ‘How can organizations grow with nature? 10 things boards and executives should know about nature-related risks and opportunities.’

Read, watch, listen: key new content on nature, finance & business

For more new content, including from UNEP-WCMC, Finance for Biodiversity Initiative, WWF and Deloitte and many more, visit the TNFD Knowledge Bank, which features an extensive selection of curated research reports and market insights.

Join TNFD at events

  • AFME European Sustainable Finance Conference (11 – 12 May) The first day of the conference includes a keynote from TNFD Technical Director Emily McKenzie, ahead of a session on ‘Biodiversity and natural capital’, with panelists including TNFD Taskforce Member Sebastien Soleille (BNP Paribas).
  • Responsible Business Europe (8-9 June) Hosted by Reuters, the first day of the conference will include a keynote from TNFD Co-Chair David Craig, ‘How to build a ‘Nature First’ approach’, as well as a session on ‘Bringing Nature and Biodiversity into the Boardroom.’
  • Save the date: IUCN Leaders Forum 2022 ‘Building nature-positive economies and societies’ (13-15 October) TNFD is a content partner for this year’s event, taking place in-person in Jeju, Republic of Korea. If you are interested in joining this invitation-only event, please contact: [email protected]

For a complete list of upcoming events with TNFD spokespeople, see

TNFD in the media – highlights

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