G20 Sustainable Finance Roadmap endorses TNFD and encourages advancing nature-related disclosures

News 27 October 2021

The new G20 Sustainable Finance Roadmap recognises the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) as a leading organisation in advancing nature- and biodiversity-related measurement and reporting. 

Compiled by the G20 Sustainable Finance Working Group, the Sustainable Finance Roadmap was endorsed by the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors earlier this month. The Roadmap sets out key priority areas and specific actions for G20 members over the coming years, and informs the broader G20 sustainability agenda. This week, G20 leaders will meet in Rome, Italy, ahead of next week’s climate summit COP26.

TNFD Co-Chairs, David Craig and Elizabeth Mrema, commented: “It’s great to see the new G20 Sustainable Finance Roadmap encourage TNFD and other initiatives to advance the understanding of nature- and biodiversity-related metrics and indicators used in financial disclosures.”

They added: “We are pleased to see this Roadmap endorsed by the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Banks, and we fully support their statement that tackling biodiversity loss remains an urgent priority alongside the climate crisis. We look forward to delivering a beta version of the TNFD framework in early 2022.”

TNFD’s inclusion in the G20 Sustainable Finance Roadmap follows an endorsement of TNFD from the G7 Finance Ministers in June. The G20 and G7 Environment and Climate Ministers have also recognised the establishment of the TNFD in their communiqués this year.

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