December 2020 newsletter

News 12 January 2021

In short: The Informal Working Group (IWG) tasked with bringing together a TNFD held their fourth monthly meeting, where the 73 members took stock of progress across four priority areas of action. The Technical Expert Group and the IWG members came together in three additional deep-dive discussion sessions, where topics of discussion included the climate-nature nexus, data and standards.

Highlights of the month

Fourth monthly meeting of the Informal Working Group (IWG)

The 73 members of the IWG met on 10 December. In the meeting, the full group was updated on progress made across each of the four priority areas of action: Governance, Work-plan and Budget, TNFD Resourcing, Communications and Knowledge Management. Each IWG member has been assigned to one of these four workstreams. The workstreams sit alongside the Technical Expert Group (TEG), which is designed to support the IWG.

The Technical Expert Group and the IWG members had three additional deep-dive discussion sessions

Topics of discussion included the climate-nature nexus, data and standards. Through ongoing discussions with the IWG, the TEG is working towards defining the scope of the TNFD, while the four IWG workstreams are focused on defining how the TNFD will deliver
its work.

The IWG Observer Group now totals 67 organisations

Observer Group members receive a monthly summary of the IWG discussions and are given the opportunity to comment on the IWG deliberations. If members of the Observer Group have expertise relevant to the IWG or the TEG, more specific input from the Observers can be requested by the IWG or the TEG.

Opportunities to join initiatives and events

Relevant content released this month

For a longer list of relevant readings released the past years, have a look at the official ‘Bringing together a TNFD’ website: ‘What you can do now.’

TNFD in the news (highlights)

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