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    Resource database

    A collection of nature-related knowledge resources from around the world

    Resource database

Resource database

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Upcoming events

Register for upcoming TNFD hosted events and webinars and find the latest nature-related events from around the world.

  • Beautiful Panoramic Aerial Drone View To Cable Stayed Siekierkowski Bridge Over The Vistula River And Warsaw City Skyscrapers, Poland In Gold Red Autumn Colors In November Evening At Sunset Top Down

    Building Bridges 2023

    October 2October 5

    TNFD Co-Chair Elizabeth Mrema and Technical Director Emily McKenzie, as well as TNFD’s Swiss Taskforce Members, will be at Building Bridges, to speak about TNFD and nature to the financial…

  • Louie Martinez - Tokyo

    PRI in Person Tokyo

    October 3October 5

    PRI in Person provides a platform for PRI signatories and other investment professionals to learn, exchange and collaborate with peers from around the globe. During the plenary and breakout…

  • San Jose - California

    Bloom 23

    October 24 @ 8:00 amOctober 25 @ 5:00 pm BST

    During the Bloom 23 conference this year, nature-related issues will be taking center stage, with Elizabeth Mrema (TNFD Co-Chair), Jessica McDougall (Taskforce Member), and James d’Ath (TNFD…

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Webinar library

Rewatch our full library of expert-led webinars designed for Forum Members and the wider public and sign up for upcoming sessions.

  • Stem Cells Of A Lentil Plant Under The Microscope

    What spatial data innovations are being developed and how can they help nature-related financial disclosure?

    This webinar discusses a range of innovations and projects on how geospatial data on nature can influence financial decision making. It offers a comprehensive overview of the importance of ecosystem service data to policy and financial…

  • Macro. Turquoise Pink Big Chrysanthemum Flower. Closeup. Nature.

    Introducing the TNFD Framework Beta Release v0.1

    The webinar marks the launch of the first iteration (v0.1) of the beta version of the TNFD Recommendations. It offers a comprehensive overview of the foundations for understanding nature, the components of the beta framework, the…

  • Bumblebee Feeding Nectar And Pollinating Cherry Plum Or Myrobalan Plum Flowers. Blooming Fruit Tree In Springtime.

    The LEAP Approach – Assess

    This webinar discusses the Assess phase of the TNFD’s LEAP Approach, including risk and opportunity identification, existing and additional risk mitigation and management, and risk and opportunity measurement and materiality…

  • Flower Background

    Changes in the state of nature: the next generation of metrics & targets?

    This webinar provides a deep dive into using metrics and setting targets, with a specific focus on changes in the state of nature, measuring opportunities and risk for biodiversity, potential metrics and targets that could be in use in…

  • Two Beautiful Modern Office Skyscrapers Against The Sky. Building Exterior, Business, Construction Industry.

    Nature-related futures – the TNFD’s approach to scenarios for corporates

    This webinar discusses the TNFD’s draft approach to scenarios, and hears from Carrie Houtman, the Taskforce Member from Dow, on the results of Dow’s pilot test of the approach to scenarios. The webinar includes the lessons…

  • Honeycomb Blue Glass Windows. Part Of Glazed Facade Of Modern Building. Office, Shopping Mall

    The LEAP Approach for Financial Institutions – Scoping, Locate, Evaluate

    This webinar discusses the insights and learnings from financial institutions who are pilot testing the scoping, locate, and evaluate stages of the LEAP Approach for Financial Institutions. It includes a comprehensive overview of…

  • Stump Of Tree Felled Section Of The Trunk With Annual Rings.

    Moving to Action After Montreal: Target 15 and the TNFD Framework

    This webinar discusses Target 15 of the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) agreed in Montreal in December 2022, and how corporates and financial institutions can align with this Target in their nature-related disclosures. It…

  • Danist Soh 8lay8gwut4k Unsplash

    Introducing the 3rd iteration (v0.3) of the TNFD beta framework

    This webinar marks the release of the third iteration (v0.3) of the beta version of the TNFD framework, building upon valuable market feedback received during the second iteration (v0.2). It offers a comprehensive overview of the…

  • 3d Stimulate Of High Rise Curve Glass Building And Dark Steel Window System On Blue Clear Sky Background,business Concept Of Future Architecture,lookup To The Angle Of The Corner Building.

    The LEAP Approach – Locate + Evaluate

    This webinar discusses the first two sections of the LEAP Approach, Locate and Evaluate. It includes a comprehensive overview of scoping, prioritizing locations, and using available data sets to understand the state of nature and…

  • Nature Macro Photography Close Up Of An Orange Lily Flower Wit

    Introducing the fourth beta version of the TNFD Framework (v0.4)

    The webinar marks the launch of the fourth iteration (v0.4) of the TNFD beta framework, building upon valuable market feedback received during the third iteration (v.03). It offers a comprehensive overview of the additions made in this…

  • Bee Working On A Honeycomb.

    What did central banks learn from testing their portfolios for nature risks?

    This webinar investigates the involvement of central banks and financial supervisors in nature-related risks and includes presentations from the authors of ‘A “Silent Spring” for the Financial System?’ by the…

  • Terraced Rice Field In Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

    Introduction to TNFD Piloting

    This webinar is an introduction to TNFD piloting and provides a comprehensive overview of the ways organisations can pilot the TNFD framework, the timeline for piloting, and presentations from piloting partners FSD Africa and Global…

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  • Tools catalogue

    Nature-related data tools to help assess nature-related issues that are aligned with the TNFD’s LEAP assessment approach

    Tools catalogue

tool catalogue
Tools Catalogue

  • IRIS+


    IRIS is a catalogue of generally accepted metrics that measure social, environmental and financial performance in an effort to support transparency, credibility, and accountability in impact measurement practices. IRIS serves as the taxonomy, or set of terms with standardized definitions, that…

  • Freshwater Ecosystems Explorer

    United Nations Environment Programme, Google, The European Commission

    Understand the state of fresh water ecosystems, in geospatial time- series data that is considered accurate, up- to- date, high- resolution.

  • We provide corporate clients with 1) assessments of impact on biodiversity and nature, 2) mitigation plans and 3) facilitated reporting. All of this location specific and world wide.

  • BIA-GBS, providing biodiversity impacts and footprint for financial institutions (listed and non-listed asset)

  • GloBio

    PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

    The GLOBIO model is designed to inform and support policy-makers by quantifying global human impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems.GLOBIO can be used to quantify various policy-relevant dimensions of human-nature interactions, including ecosystem services and biodiversity impacts.

  • SoilGrids

    ISRIC (International Soil Reference and Information Centre)

    Global soil profile information and covariate data to model the spatial distribution of soil properties across the globe.

  • ICEBERG DATA LAB has developed the Corporate Biodiversity Footprint, which is a tool to calculate the biodiversity footprint of issuers of financial instruments, allowing the Financial Institutions to measure and manage their indirect impact.

  • Provider of scaled asset-level biodiversity decision-support analytics for investors & capital markets, our insights & nature accounting platforms give asset managers, asset owners, and sustainability professionals consistent, science-based data for compliance and analysis, enabling…


    Zoological Society of London

    SPOTT supports the financial sector and supply chain stakeholders to manage ESG risk through transparency assessments of soft commodity producers and traders

  • J-BMP

    Think Nature Inc.

    We create a platform (J-BMP) including biodiversity features and the related ecosystem services (https://biodiversity-map.thinknature-japan.com/en/) to promote spatial conservation planing and assist nature positive actions.

  • Bioscope

    PRé Sustainability, CODE, Arcadis, Platform BEE

    Determine the impact of a company’s supply chain on biodiversity, visualised on a world map. BioScope was developed for the assessment of supply chains and financial products, and gives you clear, actionable information.

  • Biodiversity Benchmark

    Textile Exchange

    The Biodiversity Benchmark enables companies to understand their impacts and dependencies on nature in their materials sourcing strategies, chart a pathway to delivering positive biodiversity outcomes, and benchmark their progress.

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