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TNFD in a Box

A capacity building tool that supports the adoption and implementation of the TNFD Recommendations and Additional Guidance

The first three modules are now available covering key aspects of nature-related issues, the TNFD Recommendations and Additional Guidance.

Webinar library

Rewatch our full library of expert-led webinars designed for Forum Members and the wider public and sign up for upcoming sessions.

  • Stump Of Tree Felled Section Of The Trunk With Annual Rings.

    Moving to Action After Montreal: Target 15 and the TNFD Framework

    This webinar discusses Target 15 of the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) agreed in Montreal in December 2022, and how corporates and financial institutions can align with this Target in their nature-related disclosures. It…

  • Close Up Of A Cactus

    Insights on TNFD Sector Guidance

    This Forum member webinar explored the draft sector guidance for 9 sectors published at COP16 in December 2023.

    This session provides an overview of all sector guidance, followed by two short deep dives on Metals &…

  • Tnfd In A Box Thumbnails Page 3 Image 0001

    Additional guidance for financial institutions

    Published alongside the TNFD Recommendations in September 2023, this Forum member webinar explored the draft additional guidance for financial institutions open for consultation until 29 March.

    This session provides an…

  • Macro. Turquoise Pink Big Chrysanthemum Flower. Closeup. Nature.

    Introducing the TNFD Framework Beta Release v0.1

    The webinar marks the launch of the first iteration (v0.1) of the beta version of the TNFD Recommendations. It offers a comprehensive overview of the foundations for understanding nature, the components of the beta framework, the…

  • Flower Background

    Changes in the state of nature: the next generation of metrics & targets?

    This webinar provides a deep dive into using metrics and setting targets, with a specific focus on changes in the state of nature, measuring opportunities and risk for biodiversity, potential metrics and targets that could be in use in…

  • Social Media Card Tnfd And Naturefinance

    Charting a sustainable path: Nature-climate scenarios in financial decision-making

    The TNFD and NatureFinance co-hosted this public webinar on integrating nature-climate scenarios for sustainable financial decision-making.

    The session focused on integrating nature-climate scenarios.

    Ahead of the…

  • Bumblebee Feeding Nectar And Pollinating Cherry Plum Or Myrobalan Plum Flowers. Blooming Fruit Tree In Springtime.

    The LEAP Approach – Assess

    This webinar discusses the Assess phase of the TNFD’s LEAP Approach, including risk and opportunity identification, existing and additional risk mitigation and management, and risk and opportunity measurement and materiality…

  • Two Beautiful Modern Office Skyscrapers Against The Sky. Building Exterior, Business, Construction Industry.

    Nature-related futures – the TNFD’s approach to scenarios for corporates

    This webinar discusses the TNFD’s draft approach to scenarios, and hears from Carrie Houtman, the Taskforce Member from Dow, on the results of Dow’s pilot test of the approach to scenarios. The webinar includes the lessons…

  • Large Group Birds In Flight Above The Mountains

    Introducing the second beta version of the TNFD framework (v0.2)

    This webinar marks the launch of the second iteration (v0.2) of the beta version of the TNFD Recommendations, building upon valuable market feedback received during the first iteration (v0.1). It offers a comprehensive overview of the…

  • Global Launch Webinar – The Tnfd Recommendations

    Global launch webinar – The TNFD Recommendations

    Following the official launch at New York Climate Week, the TNFD hosted a public webinar on the final version (v1) our recommendations.

    This comes after a two-year development period, four beta releases, and 3000+ pieces of…

  • Alonso Reyes 544dkftompa Unsplash

    TNFD + TCFD integrated reporting

    This webinar introduces the illustrative TCFD + TNFD disclosure report prepared by Forico, and delves into insights from Early Adopters about how they are getting started with TNFD and what they learned from pilot testing. It begins…

  • Honeycomb Blue Glass Windows. Part Of Glazed Facade Of Modern Building. Office, Shopping Mall

    The LEAP Approach for Financial Institutions – Scoping, Locate, Evaluate

    This webinar discusses the insights and learnings from financial institutions who are pilot testing the scoping, locate, and evaluate stages of the LEAP Approach for Financial Institutions. It includes a comprehensive overview of…

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Toolkits and Worksheets

  • Risk Register Workbook Cover

    The TNFD risk and opportunity registers outline different categories of nature related risks and opportunities, indicate useful information to record for each risk and opportunity identified and…

  • Scenario Analysis Toolkit

    This downloadable and printable set of graphics and worksheets should provide a useful set of tools for scenario workshop participants to use during the TNFD scenario exercise as described in the…

  • Tnfd Graphics Toolkit (1)

    Download the TNFD graphics and diagram toolkit, a comprehensive collection of essential graphics and diagrams included in the TNFD Recommendations and Additional Guidance released on 18th September…