When the bee stings: counting the cost of nature-related risks


BloombergNEF, December 2023

BloombergNEF have published a timely series of case studies, in consultation with TNFD, showcasing how nature risks have materialised into significant financial consequences for leading companies across sectors and geographies over the last two decades.

The BloombergNEF study highlights financial consequences – often in the billions of dollars and often materialising suddenly – as a result of both physical risks and transition risks associated with accelerating nature loss, the organisation’s nature-related impacts, such as pollution, and/or nature-related events such as bushfires.   Stock prices have been hit, senior executives stood down, brand values and customer loyalty damaged from litigation, credit ratings downgraded and assets written off. 

These case studies provide important insights for corporate boards, management teams, credit providers, insurers and investors all of whom can get caught out by a lack of attention to the nature risks now sitting in cashflows, balance sheets and investment and credit portfolios.

Download the full report here

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