‘It’s Now for Nature’ – Sector-based nature strategies

Business for Nature publish the first set of Nature Strategies as part of it’s ‘Now for Nature’ campaign.

“Although momentum on nature is growing with global initiatives such as the TNFD and SBTN picking up pace across the corporate world, more must be done to make the crucial shift from adoption to implementation of the Biodiversity Plan (also known as the Global Biodiversity Framework).   By developing a strategy for nature that considers multiple impacts and dependencies across freshwater, land, air, ocean and biodiversity, businesses can reduce their negative impacts and boost business resilience. The plans can also bring new commercial opportunities, create long-term value and strengthen climate and sustainability goals.” 

They go on to highlight the core elements that make up a nature strategy:

  • A materiality assessment to identify material impacts, dependencies, risks and opportunities.     
  • SMART targets aligned with material impacts, dependencies, risks and opportunities.    
  • Actions to achieve SMART targets and in particular to avoid and reduce negative impacts on nature; based on material impacts, dependencies, risks and opportunities.     
  • C-suite or board approval of the strategy and responsibility for its delivery.    

In May 2025, Business for Nature reviewed, approved and published the first five Nature Strategies form businesses in:

  • Cement and Concrete
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Health Care and Pharmaceuticals
  • Household and personal care products
  • Paper and Forest Products
Read and download via their website