Biodiversity Loss: An Introduction for Risk Professionals

GARP, March 2023

In recent years, biodiversity loss has gained increasing focus as an urgent and systemic environmental risk for its impact on global food security, public health, and the resilience of natural life.

Biodiversity loss, after all, was one of the top three risks identified in the World Economic Forum’s 2022 Global Risks Report, joining climate change and extreme weather. Regulators worldwide, moreover, are now examining more closely the impact of environmental threats — including biodiversity loss — on financial risks. Consequently, it is critical for financial institutions to understand both the ramifications of biodiversity loss for their portfolios and the impact of their financial activities on biodiversity.

In this new report, GARP Risk Institute examines the nature of biodiversity loss, its strong connection with climate change, and what it means for today’s risk professionals.

Download the report here