The TNFD Tools Catalogue provides an overview of the nature-related data tools available today.

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Biodiversity impact Assessment (BiA)

Shan Shui Conservation Center

It helps effectively identify whether the selected location or construction projects are encroaching on protected wildlife habitats or protected areas.

Biodiversity Impact Metric (CISL)

Natural Capital Impact Group

The Biodiversity Integrated Assessment and Computation Tool (B-INTACT) can be used to assess and track how sourcing affects nature through biodiversity loss as a result of land and habitat transformation for agricultural production and land use intensity. The metric allows comparison of…

An assessment/guidance of needs, current practices and potential indicator models, and a tool that provides a robust and repeatable methodology for selecting biodiversity indicators, including a structured approach to use these indicators for assessing the state of the ecological environment,…

Biodiversity Intactness Index (BII)

Natural History Museum

The PREDICTS (Projecting Responses to Ecological Diversity in Changing Terrestrial Systems) project, led by Natural History Museum scientists, has created the most comprehensive and representative database of how biodiversity in terrestrial ecosystems worldwide is affected by human activities,…

Visual map of biomes, to support identification of relevant biomes that operations/ supply chains impact and/ or depend on.


Biome Inc.


The BiomeViewer is a powerful tool that combines real-time wildlife observations from the public with advanced ecological modeling methods, enabling the generation of detailed species lists at smaller scales (≤1km). This service caters to the Locate phase of TNFD and has the…

Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance Methodology

Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance

A methodology to provide guidance on how to assess risks and make more transparent decisions on a bioplastic feedstock in order to have a more positive impact on the environment, society and the economy.


PRé Sustainability, CODE, Arcadis, Platform BEE

Determine the impact of a company’s supply chain on biodiversity, visualised on a world map. BioScope was developed for the assessment of supply chains and financial products, and gives you clear, actionable information.

Bia Gbs 67.png

Carbon4 Finance and CDC Biodiversité’s Biodiversity Impact Analytics powered by the Global Biodiversity Score database (BIA-GBS) allows to measure the biodiversity footprint of corporates (listed equity and bonds), financial institutions (listed equity and bonds) and sovereigns (i.e.,…

CARE-TDL (Comprehensive Accounting in Respect of Ecology)

Chair of Ecological Accounting (AgroParisTech, University of Paris-Dauphine, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne).

CARE TDL is an integrated accounting model which attempts to extend the fundamental principle of capital conservation to natural and human capitals.