The TNFD Forum is a global multi-disciplinary consultative group of institutions aligned with our mission and principles

It is a platform where organisations can keep up-to-date on our work, contribute to the further development of our additional guidance, and signal their support for the ongoing work of the Taskforce.

Membership of the Forum is free and open to a broad range of institutional types including corporates, financial institutions, public sector institutions including regulators, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds, academic and research organisations, business associations, inter-governmental organisations, as well as conservation and civil society organisations. 


  1. Regular updates on the Taskforce’s work: This includes exclusive newsletters to Forum members and regular webinars hosted by the TNFD Secretariat.
  2. Opportunities to support the technical work of the Taskforce: Forum institutions may be invited to provide specific inputs linked to specific Taskforce Working Groups and research project activities. Forum members may also be invited to conduct online surveys on particular issues. 
  3. Learning and capacity building webinars: To support the learning and capacity building journey of Forum institutions, the TNFD Secretariat offers the Forum selected learning opportunities, including regular webinars, with expert speakers.  

Forum Members


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How to join  

Interested institutions should complete the application form: 

Being a member of the Forum does not involve entering a contractual partnership or other formal relationship with us, nor does engagement or participation in the Forum or other TNFD activities mean we endorse any Forum members or participant’s business activities or conduct. 

FAQs on TNFD Forum members  

Who can join the TNFD Forum?

Membership is granted on an institution or organisation basis. Individuals cannot become Forum members. We welcome applications from corporates, financial institutions, regulatory bodies, governments, multilaterals and third sector organisations.  

How do I know if my organisation’s application is approved?

Once you complete the form, we will conduct standard due diligence screening. Once complete, you will receive an invitation to join the Forum. 

What happens when my organisation becomes a Forum member?

When your application is approved, we will send you an official invitation to join the forum. Your organisation will need to provide a primary contact and communications contact. You will receive an onboarding email, as well as a communication pack and other materials to help you get started.