Over the last two years, TNFD has been exploring both the challenges and solutions of the nature-related data landscape.

Our aim was to address several data-related challenges with respect to the corporate assessment and reporting of nature-related issues. Here’s an overview of our work so far.

  1. In March 2022, we published a nature data landscape discussion paper alongside the first beta version of the TNFD Framework.
  2. In June 2022, the TNFD released the first version of the TNFD Tools Catalogue to provide organisations pilot testing the beta TNFD Framework with signposted access to a range of tools and sources to support assessment of nature-related issues following the TNFD LEAP approach.
  3. In August 2022, following interest from market participants to come together to address the challenges identified in the discussion paper, we established the Nature-related Data Catalyst – a community of market and non-market organisations interested in and working on nature data solutions. 
  4. In December 2022, at the COP15 conference in Montreal, we convened a series of Nature Data Labs to showcase and discuss nature-relate data solutions and emerging new tools and technologies.
  5. In August 2023, building on the insights generated by the Catalyst community, the Taskforce and a group of 13 partner organisations released a scoping study report into the case for a global nature-related public data facility and signalled its intentions to continue to evaluate the concept further, moving towards a concept of operations, governance and funding model. 

Tools catalogue 

Explore our growing Tools Catalogue, providing an overview of the nature-related data tools currently available today. Use the filter function to search through the catalogue by TNFD LEAP phase, disclosure recommendations and other useful applications features.