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Nathalie Borgeaud

Lead, Financial Markets Stakeholder Engagement, TNFD

Graphics packs and TNFD branding

Download our core graphics and diagrams for use in presentations, workshops, and other training materials. Please attribute and follow our guidelines.

TNFD Logo Pack

TNFD brand guidelines

Download the TNFD brand guidlines. This document includes information on the use of the TNFD logo.

Please note, if you would like to use the TNFD logo in any materials, please complete the request form.

Download (208.54 KB, .pdf)
TNFD Color Pallet pdf

Colour palette

If you plan to use TNFD graphics, logos, or other material in your presentation slides, please consider using the TNFD color palette.

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Tnfd Graphics Toolkit (1)

Core graphics pack

This graphics pack includes core TNFD diagrams, charts, and infographics for presentations, workshops, and training materials on TNFD.

Download (4.50 MB, .zip)


Our videos and animations are available under the Creative Commons license, allowing for free download and use. Proper attribution and adherence to the TNFD editorial and style guide is required.

TNFD: Business, finance and the resilience of nature

You can now downlod the “Business, finance and the resilience of nature”, a short film produced by Silver Back Films.

Co-Chairs, Elizabeth Maruma Mrema and David Craig are joined by international leaders to explain how the prosperity of societies and the profits of business depend on the health and resilience of nature.

Download Video

The TNFD explained: The building blocks of business and finance

Download the TNFD explainer animation.

This short introduction video is suitable for workshops, presentations and internal meetings and helps explain what the TNFD published in September 2023 inluding the TNFD Recommendations and Additional Guidance.

Download Video