TNFD Forum – Terms of Reference

1. Responsibilities & Structure

The TNFD Forum, previously known as the stakeholder group, is a global and multi-disciplinary advisory grouping of institutional supporters who share the vision and mission of the TNFD and make themselves available to contribute to the work and mission of the Taskforce. The Forum is coordinated by the TNFD Secretariat.

2. Eligibility to join the TNFD Forum

Participation in the TNFD Forum is at an institutional, not individual, level. Membership of the Forum is open to a broad range of institutional types including companies, financial institutions, public sector institutions including regulators, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds, academic and research institutions, business associations, inter-governmental organisations, as well as conservation and civil society organisations. There are no jurisdictional limitations on the participants of the Forum.

The TNFD in its sole discretion may accept or refuse the application of any participant to the TNFD Forum. The requirements for entry into, and ongoing participation in the Forum is that the institution support, and be aligned with the mission and principles of the TNFD; demonstrate a willingness to contribute to the development of the TNFD framework at the request of the Secretariat; and not represent a significant conflict of interest or reputational risk for the TNFD.

Institutions interested in joining the Forum can complete the webform available here. Once the form is completed, acceptance into the Forum will be subject to a standard due diligence screening by the Secretariat and an invitation to join.

There is no limit to the number of institutions that will constitute the TNFD Forum and it is expected to grow over time.

3. Forum activities and expectations of participating Forum members

There are three key components to participation in the Forum:

  1. Access to regular information updates provided by the Secretariat regarding the work of the Taskforce: This will likely include, for example, regular newsletters to Forum participants and occasional webinars hosted by the Secretariat;
  2. Opportunities to support the research and technical work of the Taskforce: These opportunities will be defined and directed by the Secretariat, occasional in nature, and linked to specific activities being undertaken by Taskforce Working Groups and research project teams where the Secretariat believes a Forum participating institution may be able to provide specific inputs and advice. The Secretariat may also, from time to time, look to conduct online surveys to gauge Forum members’ attitudes on particular issues.
  3. Learning and capacity building webinars: The TNFD is committed, as part of its mission, to support the learning and capacity building journey of institutions on their path towards nature-positive outcomes. To that end, the Secretariat will look to offer Forum participants selected learning opportunities, through multimedia, including webinars, leveraging the specialist technical and knowledge resources supporting the overall TNFD effort.

4. Modalities for participation by Forum institutions

Each participating institution is expected to provide a principle representative (Point of Contact) to liaise, as and when needed, with the TNFD Secretariat. Forum participants may register additional representatives from relevant parts of their institution in order to access information updates from the TNFD in a timely manner, but coordination between the TNFD Secretariat and the Forum participating institution will be through the Point of Contact only. Additional representatives should be those who are in a position to provide or connect to technical expertise within their institution, raise awareness about TNFD and help enable the uptake and implementation of the framework.

5. Membership terms

Any Forum participating institution can opt-out voluntarily at any time by sending a letter to the TNFD Secretariat. The letter should be signed by the Point of Contact. On receipt the institution’s name will be removed from the TNFD Forum participant database and any public references such as the TNFD website.

The TNFD Chairs reserve the right to end an institution’s participation in the Forum based on a serious failure to respect TNFD principles and/or if the Forum member is seen to have impaired the reputation of the TNFD and/or a conflict of interest arises in future.