Taskforce Members

The Taskforce consists of 40 senior executives from financial institutions, corporates and market service providers. The Taskforce Members represent a market capitalisation of over US$2.3 trillion, manage over US$20.6 trillion in assets and have a footprint in over 180 countries. Members are selected for their individual subject-matter expertise across nature and finance, as well as their sector and geographical coverage.

The Members represent sectors with the largest impacts and dependencies on nature, including agribusiness, the blue economy, food & beverage, mining, construction, infrastructure and more. The global group represents 18 countries, across 5 continents.

A written list of the Taskforce Members and their organisations is available here.

Being a member of, or participating in, the Taskforce does not involve entering a contractual partnership or other formal relationship with TNFD, nor does engagement or participation in the piloting of the TNFD beta framework or application of the framework mean TNFD endorses the member or participant’s business activities or conduct.

Financial Services

Johan Florén


Chief ESG and Communication Officer

Celine Soubranne


Group Chief Sustainability Officer

Abyd Karmali

Bank of America

Managing Director, ESG Client Advisory

Jessica McDougall


Director, BlackRock Investment Stewardship

Sébastien Soleille

BNP Paribas

Global Head, Energy Transition & Environment

Madeleine Ronquest


Head, Environmental & Social Risk Management

Jose Luis Muñoz

Grupo Financiero Banorte

Executive Director Investor Relations & Sustainability

Marine de Bazelaire


Group Advisor, Natural Capital

Elizabeth O’Leary

Macquarie Group

Head of Agriculture

Makoto Haraguchi

MS&AD Insurance Group

SVP of Sustainability Section

Mathilde Dufour


Director of Sustainability Research

Snorre Gjerde

Norges Bank Investment Management

Head of Biodiversity

Hirotaka Hideshima

Norinchukin Bank

Counsellor on Global Strategy to President and the Board of Directors

Bas Ruter


Director, Sustainability & Climate

Nora Ernst

Swiss Re

Senior Sustainability Risk Manager

Judson Berkey


Managing Director, Group Head: Engagement & Regulatory Strategy


Andre Fourie

AB InBev

Global Director: Water Sustainability

David Álvarez Canales


Sustainability Performance Manager

Ian Hudson

Anglo American

Head of Environment

Natasha Santos

Bayer AG

Vice President Stakeholder Affairs & Strategic Partnership

Michel HR Santos

Bunge Ltd

Senior Director – Global Sustainability

Carrie Houtman


Global Sustainability Director for Climate

Santiago Martínez Ochoa


Sustainability & Decarbonization Manager

Sarah Dyson


Head of Corporate Responsibility

Renete Kaarvik

Grieg Seafood

Global Finance Officer

Renata Pollini


Head of Nature

Alexandre Capelli


LVMH Group Environment Deputy Director

Marcelo Behar

Natura & Co

VP Sustainability and Group Affairs

Alison Bewick


Head of Group Risk Management

David Croft


Group Head of Sustainability

Marcelo Pereira


Environmental Manager

Patrick Ho

Swire Properties Ltd

Deputy Head, Sustainable Development

Koushik Chatterjee

Tata Steel

Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer

Market Service Providers

Guy Williams


Director, Biodiversity & Natural Capital, Deloitte Australia

Alexis Gazzo


Partner, Climate Change and Sustainability Services

Carolin Leeshaa


Head of Social & Sustainable Finance | Natural Capital & Biodiversity Global Lead

Rahul Ghosh

Moody’s Corporation

Managing Director, Sustainable Finance

Daniel O’Brien


Partner, Head of Sustainable Business Solutions

Richard Mattison

S&P Global

President, S&P Global Sustainable1 & CEO, S&P Global Trucost

Herry Cho

Singapore Exchange

Managing Director, Head: Sustainability & Sustainable Finance