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Speaker requests

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To inquire about the availability of a TNFD spokesperson for your event, please complete the speaker enquiry form.

All speaker requests must go through this formal process.

Please note we receive several requests a day and cannot accept every invitation. We will get back to you about your request as soon as possible.

Media and press

Requesting an interview or comment

For interview requests, op-ed contributions, comments, broadcast interviews or other media and press inquiries, please contact our Communications Lead at: [email protected]

We are committed to providing timely and accurate information, insights, and expert perspectives on the TNFD Recommendations and Additional Guidance, as well as on the design and development proccess.

Media and press: [email protected]

Use of logo requests

Using the TNFD logo

The TNFD may allow the use of the TNFD name and logo(s) for specific purposes.

Please review the TNFD brand guidelines before completing the request form.

All requests must be approved by the TNFD Secretariat.

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